Sandie Bell Art - Sandie is a good friend of mine and an artist. She is very talented and has produced some great paintings. Please visit her website and check out all of her galleries. You will be glad you did. I actually am the webmaster for her website.
Sterling Edwards - Also a good friend and an internationally recognized watercolorist. He has 3 websites to visit and enjoy. Click on his painting on the left, and you will see the links to his other websites on the home page.
Main & Vine - An absolutely delightful place of original art and designs of a multitude of mediums made by local or regional artisans. If you live in the Keller, Texas area, be sure to go into the store and check it out -- you will not leave empty-handed!!
Etsy - An artists' and craftsmen's online store to show off and sell their products. Thousands of items to choose from.
GR Sites - A wonderful website that offers everything that is needed to design a website quickly and easily. For Free!!
Lincoln Glass - A wholesale glass supply store located in Arizona.
Delphi Glass - An online retail supplier of all glass-related goodies at very reasonable prices. If you are looking for a good place to purchase your supplies, this is a great place to start.

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